Welcome to Yedid Nefesh - a Young and Diverse Congregation!

Yedid Nefesh is a reform congregation service the city of Karmiel in the Western Galillee, and its neighboring area. It was founded in 2004 by a special mix of sabra, recent and not-so-recent immigrants. Among us there are Hebrew, Spanish and Russian speakers, people born and raised in Karmiel and ex-kibbutz and moshav residents.

We came together because we believe in the power of a congregation to give to its members and to the society as a while. We exprience together a Jewish-Israeli identity that is creative and devoted to the here and now, to the construc tion of an open, tolerant, just and peace-loving Israel.


Contact us with every question or request at kehila@yedidnefesh.co.il or at +972-4-9983767. Services and activies are held at Naamat House, 1, Havazelet st., Karmiel. 

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